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Staff training and employee development in companies today is a vital necessity, dictated by the speed of change and high competition.

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Importance of the course:

Professional training of personnel is a systematic process of formation of theoretical knowledge, skills and practical skills necessary for the performance of work among employees of the enterprise. Professional training of personnel in market conditions should be continuous and carried out throughout the entire working life.
The increase in the importance of continuous training of enterprise personnel is determined by the following factors:
• Introduction of new equipment, technology, production of modern goods, growth of communication capabilities, which create conditions for liquidation or change of some types of work. In this regard, the necessary qualification cannot be guaranteed by basic education;• High level of competition between countries. Countries with a modern system of continuous education are leaders in this competition. They have the opportunity to respond to any "challenge" by increasing labor productivity in the shortest possible time;• Changes in all areas of life. Continuous and rapid changes in technology and informatics require continuous training of personnel;• It is more effective and economical for the enterprise to increase the return from the already working personnel on the basis of their continuous training than to attract new employees.

As a result:

You will be able to:

• How to choose the optimal training model in real conditions;
• Master the programs most in demand during the crisis;
• How to organize employee training;
• Identify training needs using various methods;
• Use the company's internal resources for training.

You will know:

• How to start learning development from 0;
• How to support learning processes with a limited budget;
• What forms of education are relevant today


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The company was founded in 2010.
And he works in the field of Human Capital Consulting.

We provide a set of professional services in the field of work with personnel and business processes.

We have more than 13 years

of experience in the selection of first-class, qualified employees

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Olga Zborovskaya — HR Business Partner, HR consultant, founder of the consulting company Adjutor

/ Founder of HR SCHOOL Adjutor/ Founder of Adjutor recruiting agency/ Coach, HR consultant/ Over 13 years of experience in HR/ Independent consultant on over 60 projects/ Recruited personnel in 250 Ukrainian companies/ Developed more than 15 training programs/ Consultant of the program "Service in Vinnitsa"/ Member of the Board of the NGO "Association of Personnel Management Specialists"

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